Channel Partner Program

The growth and success of any business depends on customer acquisition, satisfaction and retention. Kanix has been successful in providing the highest level of products and services by attracting some of the best talent in the industry. Using the most effective sales and marketing tools as well as partnering with the right resellers, Kanix has become a market leader in this particular sector.

Kanix offers several reseller programs that are tailored towards various business models. We look for resellers who's business models allow for the happiest of customers while providing healthy profits. Kanix Solution Providers also benefit from our team of engineers around India, which can assist in any aspect of the sales or support process.

If you are looking for products in virgin market and are interested in working with a company that value business partnerships, we invite you to take a closer look at our products.

Kanix Channel Options

Exclusive Kanix Channel Partner

This option consists of organizations that sell and support Kanix products only. This type of Channel Partner acts as an extension of Kanix offering not just the software products, but a full range of services. Since this type of organizations is closely affiliated with Kanix, the level of support and services, customer satisfaction, and overall image of the company must be in-line with Kanix's business practices.

Authorized Kanix Channel Partner

This option consists of resellers that sell other software and services in addition to Kanix's products. These Channel Partners do strictly business automation. They provide most of the technical support and consulting to. Kanix representatives could get involved in the sales and support process to better assist this type of solution provider if the need arises, however the Channel Partner maintains account ownership at all times.

Authorized Kanix Retailers

This option consists of retail stores or hardware vendors that resell Kanix products. They do not provide technical support or implementation services to the client. These resellers will have knowledge on Kanix's products and will advise their customers on purchasing Kanix products. Kanix will handle all the implementation and support issues.

Kanix Channel Options

- Estimation (Directly converting CAD Drawings)
- Project Scheduling (Using Pert/CPM & Other techniques)
- Extensive training on Kanix products
- Access to Kanix's technical support database
- Pricing Sheets
- Sample Reports, Quotes / Invoices
- Information Packets
- Brochures
- Demo CD's
- Posters
- Customer References

About Lead Protection

Kanix's Lead Registration is designed to benefit its Channel partner. When a Channel partner obtains a prospective company that they believe Kanix Product will be suitable for AND the prospective company shows interest in Kanix Product, Lead Registration begins.

Lead Registration is a simple procedure. The Channel partner simply contacts Kanix, via a phone call at 020-66203660-73 to inform Kanix of the prospective company. The prospective company is entered into Kanix's Products database as a customer of the Channel partner.

The prospective company will remain the Channel partner’s customer for sixty days from the date of registration. If the sale is not converted or prospective company is not re-registered for a period of sixty days or greater, the lead may be reassigned to another Channel partner at Kanix's discretion. This procedure is designed to safeguard both Channel partner and prospective companies.