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One of the key modules that builders, developers, real estate developers require is to capture and store all the legal information related to land or for a society redevelopment project or Slum Rehabilitation Authority (SRA) project, capture and store all the legal plus details of the existing tenants. The main ingredients of this module are that it lets the legal department capture the legality details required inorder to get the no objection from the governmental authorities and also lets them create the checklists and the milestones to be completed. It also facilitates the legal department to fix appointments with personnel (be it government servant or court or any other party) & system provides timely follow up reminders.

The processes involved in Land & Legal Management are:

Maintain land, society redevelopment project dedtails
Manage checklists and milestones
Set alerts for reminders
Capture notices sent by government authorities

Business Benefits:

Centralised document management; scan & retrieve
Timely reminders; helps legal department in preparation

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