Raise your ERP expectations with Highrise

New Challenges for Construction & Real Estate Business

With economy showing added strengths each day, the need of commercial & residential space is ever increasing. Townships, IT parks are talk of the town. Construction houses are planning ambitious projects with very ambitious timeliness. The materials are sourced in from various parts of the world. Partnering & financing are getting a different dimension. Quality norms are set at new benchmark. These fast track projects require sophisticated management and effective organizational structure. This has generated a need for a better time tested management tool, which will assist in decision-making and analysis, there by giving better direction to the organization to handle & sustain increasing business. Highrise perfectly fits in this place assisting businesses to achieve their targeted goals.

Why Highrise?

  • Serving construction houses since the year 1997
  • Matured product - Ready to use ERP (Since 15 years)
  • Strong domain knowledge on business in all aspects
  • In-depth functionalities Minimal customisation required
  • Reduce implementation time
  • Built in industry standard business processes / practices
  • Configurable alerts, workflows - Management checks & Damage Control
  • Data Security & Confidentiality
  • Multi level security Role Based Access Control (RBAC)
  • Real time data availability
  • Centralised repository - Knowledge bank
  • Any time Any Where access via Internet
  • Serving huge number of satisfied customers
  • User friendly menus Ease to understand & operate
  • Systematic implementation program with hands on training
  • Good back office SUPPOnlineRemoteTelephonic

Connecting Sites Online

Highrise Web Modules provides the power to connect remote construction sites online with the Head office using internet connectivity. The ASP.Net based application runs in internet browser from any part of the world. This enables to keep the business online at all times.

Highrise supports three tier structures of operations namely Head Office, Branch Offices and Site Offices. The state of art Financial Accounting Module follows Standard Accounting Practices (SAP) and helps break a Company Project-wise and see Balance Sheet, P & L, Trail Balance & Cash Flow on one hand and view consolidated multi Company Balance Sheet, P & L, Trail Balance & Cash Flow on other hand.

Auto-email/SMS Alert Features

Highrise can send you the instantaneous e-mail / SMS when it encounters with alerting situations. For e.g. you wish to be alerted when a purchase order is raised say 20% above estimated price, Highrise will immediately send you an SMS giving details. This will assist user in getting into the corrective action immediately rather than doing post-mortem of cost overshoot of the project.

The information will reach you even when you are in any part of the world.

The control alerts & triggers can be configured in accordance to the Users Role

This feature eliminates the need of a person supplying information, as the system will automatically generate emails/SMS. This also enhances reliability of the business process.

Quality Management & Knowledge Banking

During execution of project & running business, huge amount of knowledge is generated. This knowledge percolates in the employees as experience. Unfortunately all this knowledge gain is lost with employee and generally not blanked at organization level. This leads in repeating same mistakes time & again. To achieve quality in day-to-day management, sophisticated techniques such as issue logs, root cause analysis, defect prevention etc. are required to be used, and knowledge gained is required to be banked at organization level. Highrise provides these functions as integral part.