For contractors

Highrise, Indiaís first Construction ERP is a ready fit solution for Contractors undertaking project based jobs either from governmental departments or private parties. An ideal solution that caters right from capturing tender details till billing, the entire process has been mapped to suit the practical requirements of the contractors.


Contractors undertaking jobs related to infrastructure, industrial, residential, commercial, interiors or any turnkey projects face a great challenge in maintaining the costs within the estimation that has been proposed to their customers. Secondly, due to lack of data availability on real time basis, efforts are being wasted in generating lot of manual reports; which unfortunately get prone to human errors.

No centralized repository of data; no history of data maintained

Multiple sheets prone to human error gets manually created during estimation

Complete disconnect between estimation & execution

High dependency on people; high risk towards missing costs


Highrise contractor suite irons out the core challenges, with a focus on estimation v/s actual. From the time of receiving an enquiry till billing, the centralized system provides a transparency with the concerned departments.

Centralised data availability (Current & history) in all aspects; helpful during estimation & bidding

Creation of multiple libraries rate analysis viz. Private, DSR, PWD, CPWD etc.

BOQ preparation as per clients requirement with link to detailed BOQ for execution

Flexible client billing; complies to statutory Indian Governmental taxes

Business benefits:

The tender & estimation departmentís headache in reduced during estimation due to availability of data.

Real time progress of the project monitoring wrt Costs, Time line & Quality helps Tender / estimation department and the project team towards execution of project as per the proposed plan.

Real time availability of estimation v/s actual including variances.

Alerts & reminders identifies any abnormalities at the earlier stage; this helps reduce losses